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CW2006S 2 Quart Covered Sauce Pan with Steamer Insert
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Oven Broiler Pan Replacement Features

Tiime to buy a new broiling pan?

Time for a New Broiler Pan?

If you have tried all of our broiler pan cleaning tips on your dirty old, worn-out broiling pan and are ready to throw in the towel and buy a new one, then you are probably wondering what new products are on the market that have features you might be interested in.

Range Kleen broiler pans have many of the features that modern cooks are looking for today.  Here are some of the features that our customers say are important to them.

Desirable Features for a New Broiler Pan

Stainless Steel Broiling Pans vs Porcelain Broiler Pans — How to Choose

  • For durability, stainless steel broiler pans are your best bet.   Cleaning is easier with the newer designs that have small slits that allow for a smoother cleaning surface compared to older broiling pans on the market.
  • Enameled broilers are the easier to keep clean.  After they've cooled down a bit, soak in hot sudsy water then use a nylon scouring pad to remove burned-on food.

Buy a Range Kleen Broiling Pan

Broiler Pan and GrilleTurn your oven into a CONVECTION oven! Range Kleen has a porcelain convection slotted broiler pan that allows heat to circulate for quicker, more even cooking — the same concept found in traditional convection ovens.

Easy Clean-Up.  All Range Kleen porcelain broiler pans with porcelain grills are made of Stick-Free Porcelain for easy clean-up.  Replace that dirty broiler pan that came with your oven and start to enjoy cooking again.

Original Equipment Quality.  When you are shopping to replace your dirty broiler pan that came with your oven, be sure to buy a new one that is "original equipment quality".   Anything less will give you an inferior cooking experience.  Beware of broker pans that are made of thin metal. They will easily buckle and warp from the heat of your broiler and result in uneven cooking. Our Range Kleen Broiler Pans are "original equipment quality" and will give you years of enjoyable cooking.

Buy Now Order OnlineTwo Uses in One.... A Broiling & Baking Dish! The Range Kleen Broil & Bake Pan has a bottom pan that is 1 1/2'' deep to accommodate pan dishes like brownies and corn bread. Plus a slotted grill for broiling.   All coated in Stick-Free Porcelain.  Easy to Clean. Dishwasher Safe.  Pan size: 8 1/2 x 13''. 

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