Celebrate Your Mother This Sunday

Mother's Day was officially entered into the U.S. calendar in 1914 as a holiday, with roots that trace back to ancient Greece and Rome. According to History Ancient Greeks and Romans held festivals honoring Rhea and Cybele, two mothering goddesses. This celebration eventually shifted to the United Kingdom during the Lenten season when people would return to their "mother churches". 
A woman with blond hair, a young boy and a young girl sit smiling on a bed with a tray of breakfast foods and flowers.
The current day celebration of Mother's Day varies within each family but typically involves creating a day to honor her through relaxation and gifting your mother with special things - a card, a beautiful homemade meal, perhaps a gift that speaks to her individuality or her favorite hobby. This year, Mother's Day falls on  Sunday, May 13th. Are you ready to honor and celebrate your Mom?

Start with a homemade breakfast in bed after you let her sleep in. Kids will love to help in the kitchen by whipping up these Hey Girl Chocolate Muffins from Genius Kitchen and Mom will love them because they're chocolate! The nonstick interior of the Ceramabake BC6000 12 Cup Muffin Pan offers premium food release which means the baking and the clean up will be easy!     
A White Ceramambake 12 cup muffin pan sits on top of a gray granite countertop, a metal whisk and a clear bowl with chocolate powder and an egg yolk in the center sit off to the side.
Track down the craft supplies and gather 'round the table to add a personal touch with a homemade card. She'll treasure the time and effort it took to create a homemade card. If you're looking for ideas on where to get started, check out these examples and DIY tips from Better Homes & Gardens. If you'd rather print a card for Mom, check out this collection of printable cards from Country Living
A smiling man and young girl sit on the floor. Coloring paper and supplies sit on two small white tables in front of them.

Take advantage of beautiful, seasonal weather and head outdoors. Get in touch with nature and give your Mom the opportunity rejuvenate, perhaps by walking or hiking through the park. She'll love using her Range Kleen Go Caddy™ to hold her favorite water bottle, cell phone, keys and other items. She'll simultaneously enjoy being hands-free and hydrated. Or she may enjoy lounging in a hammock with a good book. A packed picnic lunch featuring her favorite foods along with a soft blanket is a fun, relaxing way to enjoy a meal together. 

A black GoGaddy water bottle bag with plastic water bottle and long black strap fill the center of the photo. Assorted travel items such as passport, credit card, and hand wipes sit around the water bottle bag.



In an outdoor setting surrounded by trees, a red hammock shows the view of two human legs, with the feet crossed, relaxing.
We hope you'll find a special way to give back to your mother this Mother's Day.
Wishing all Mother's a Happy Mother's Day from everyone at Range Kleen.  
Whitney Bashaw

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