Say "I Love You" With Homemade Chocolate Treats

What better way to say "I Love You" than by making a delectable homemade treat? Sharing your time, effort, and culinary talents is a special gift and one that your loved ones are likely to appreciate. Valentine's Day is approaching, and candy making is one popular way of showing your love for someone. From chocolate-dipped strawberries to homemade candy, there are many simple, tasty treats that home chefs can create.

Blue plate featuring fresh strawberries, half dipped in chocolate on a wooden table. Roses and votice candles appear in the background.

Chocolate dipped strawberries are a popular Valentine's Day treat. This decadent treat is easy to prepare and adds a luxurious touch to your holiday celebration. Start by rinsing a pint of strawberries, then pat the fruit dry. Cover a metal baking sheet with waxed paper to place the berries on after dipping. 

Grab your Double Boiler and add water to fill 1/4 of the base of the pan. Add 8 ounces of chocolate chips to the top pan: choose dark chocolate for a richer flavor, semi-sweet chocolate for a sweeter taste, or white baking chocolate for a sweet treat. You may wonder why using a double boiler as opposed to melting chocolate in a single pan over direct heat is best? A double boiler uses indirect heat, giving you better temperature control over the melting chocolate; as the steam from the simmering water rises, your chocolate will slowly melt. You're less likely to burn your chocolate - and let's be honest; no one wants to eat burnt chocolate! Stir the chocolate as it melts.

Stainless steel double boiler pan on white background.

When all chocolate has melted, grab a strawberry it into the chocolate, and let any excess drip back into the pan. Place your dipped strawberry onto a baking sheet lined with waxed paper. While the chocolate is still warm, sprinkle any toppings you wish to add, such as sprinkles, coconut flakes or chopped nuts. Refrigerate the strawberries until you're ready to serve. 

Pink background with images of white chocolate and dark chocolate dipped, decorated strawberries on individual papers.

For a salty-sweet treat, try dipping pretzel rods into your melted chocolate. Dip 3/4 of the rod into melted chocolate and let any excess drip back into the pan. Place on waxed paper, add toppings while still warm and allow to cure (chocolate will be hard to the touch). 

Dark chocolate dipped pretzel rods with drizzled white chocolate sit on a table, drying.

If you're looking for a delicious chocolate and caramel treat, try making Taste of Home's Chocolate Turtles. This easy recipe is perfect for beginning candy makers, and your loved one will think you put in more effort than is required :) With a little time and a Range Kleen Double Boiler, you can whip up this sweet treat in no time. Package the completed turtles in a small box, then tie a bow for an extra touch.

Pecan candies made of caramel, chocolate and pecans shaped like turtles on a wooden cutting board.

What treats will you be making for your loved ones on Valentine's Day? Share in the comments section! 

Whitney Bashaw

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