Thanksgiving is Near! Let's Talk Turkey

At Range Kleen, we can hardly believe November is in full swing. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season have started. As Thanksgiving is fast approaching, we think it'd be a great time to talk about turkey.

Many Americans still prefer roasting a turkey in an oven. If you prefer oven roasted, check out this incredibly simple and delicious Thyme-Roasted Turkey from Taste of Home. With a 3 hour cooking time (plus additional time for standing) this is a quick method to cook a turkey. The smell of turkey wafting through the house will make everyone hungry! 

Cooked, golden brown turkey with cranberry accents sits on plate on table. Side dishes sit out of focus in the backgorund.

Some argue that a Spatchcocked Turkey cooks the most evenly throughout and has the crispiest skin. If you haven't heard of the term spatchcock, it's a term used to describe butterflying the turkey (removing the backbone) and then pressing it flat to cook. Serious Eats has a great recipe for Crisp-Skinned Spatchcocked Turkey, and you can use your favorite Range Kleen Broiler Pan (which is built to withstand high temperatures and is easy to clean). 

Cooked, spatchcocked turkey sits on dinner plate in butterfly position on top of a table. . Herbal leaves top the turkey.


If your favorite method of preparation is smoking the turkey, check out The Food Network's Smoked Whole Turkey by Bobby Flay. Although smoking a turkey takes considerably longer than roasting, the rich, smoky flavor can't be topped. As the turkey will be in a smoker, your oven will be free to bake delicious side dishes and pies. Although not a traditional method of preparation, you can also grill your Thanksgiving Turkey. Dark brown turkey sits on grill racks on gas grill.
Deep Fried Turkey is a popular method of cooking and is arguably the most dangerous, making safety a priority when deep frying a turkey. Check out these safety tips; as well as instructions from Serious Eats on the process of deep frying. 
Half of deep fried turkey is pulled out of steel fryer vat in an outdoor setting.
Which method of preparation will you choose? We'd love for you to share your results on social media! Tag us (@RangeKleen) in your Thanksgiving post and let us know how you cooked your turkey! 
Whitney Bashaw


Whitney Bashaw

Great tip/recipe for the 3 hour turkey! That’s way less time than I thought!

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