Tips to Keep Your Cooking Game Strong

Here are a few tips to keep your cooking game strong and your kitchen in tip-top shape!

  • Gather items before cooking: Including spices and utensils saves time and ensures you're less likely to forget an ingredient or step in the process. 
  • When cooking rice and pasta: Don't rinse rice or pasta unless the recipe calls for it. Rinsing can remove the starch, which helps the sauce stick.
    Picture of a pot of spaghetti being poured into a colander
  • Sharpen your knives: Dull knives can be dangerous as they require more pressure to cut. Sharpening your knives regularly ensures they're cutting efficiently and safely. Sharpen your knives regularly to ensure they're cutting safely and efficiently.
image of knife on sharpening stone
  • Don't overcrowd the pan: When you overcrowd the pan, the food steams instead of sears, making your food soggy!
  • Clean Drip Bowls/Pans: Drip bowls reflect heat toward heating elements, helping your appliance function at maximum efficiency. As they become messy with grime, the bowls and pans reflect less heat causing your appliance to expend more energy, costing you more money. Keeping them clean helps your appliance work well!
    Image of electric range showing drip bowl and electric coil burner above it
  • Use the proper heat: Using a thermometer while cooking ensures your food (especially meats) is cooked to the appropriate temperature, ensuring they're safe to eat.
Image of cooked turkey with meat thermometer

Stay tuned for more kitchen tips from Range Kleen!

Whitney Bashaw

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