What is the Range Kleen difference?

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If you know anything about Range Kleen, it's that we take great pride in our Drip Bowls! You might even say we "geek out" when discussing them! We're the #1 Consumer's Choice in Range Accessories and here's why!

We're dedicated to ensuring your range will have the correct fit of drip bowl/drip pan. To meet this goal, we manufacture our Drip Bowls and Drip Pans according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Quality, which means your range receives the same fit, quality, and performance today as the drip bowls/pans on your appliance post-production. 

So, how does OEM Quality benefit your range? When a drip bowl/drip pan fits properly on a range, it sits evenly and prevents the element from rocking on the drip pan/bowl (which can happen with an improperly fitted drip bowl/pan). The element rocking causes pots/pans to rock on the range, which creates a dangerous (and annoying) cooking experience and can result in injury. 

photo of level sitting on coil element on stove to demonstrate the perfect fit of range kleen drip bowls

We PROUDLY manufacture our Drip Bowls and Drip Pans right here in the good ol' USA, which means when you purchase our superior quality drip bowls/pans, you're putting your hard-earned dollars back into the American economy! In addition, we employ many associates here, which also helps put money back into our economy!

picture of drip bowls over usa flag, made in usa


Also, replacing your drip bowls instantly upgrades the appearance of your stove. It's easy to zhuzh up your range in minutes on a budget!

And for kicks, you should know that Range Kleen's bowls pass the following appliance industry standards testing

    • Fit, Function & Stability Test
    • Liquids Spill Capacity Test
    • Consumer Use and Cleaning Safety - Rolled Hem Test 
    • DuPont Ragu Test (Porcelain) 
    • 24 Hour Salt Spray (Chrome)
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