Drip Bowls and Drip Pans

Drip Bowls can be referred to as many things; drip pans, catch pans, and stovetop pans are among the few. Range Kleen specializes in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Quality. No matter what you call these items, they are a critical component of your stove.

What is a Drip Bowl? When purchased new, Drip Bowls or Drip Pans come on your electric coil stove and fit underneath your coil element. They have an essential job in that they catch boil-overs and reflect heat back to your pots and pans. Most people don't realize that these are easily replaceable, and properly maintaining your stove or cooktop by annually replacing your Drip Bowls or Drip Pans can add to the lifetime of your stove or cooktop.


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27 results

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