102FB Range Kleen Style A Drip Bowl with Flat Bottom

SKU: 102FB

Drip bowls work to catch crumbs and spills, and reflect heat up to the cooking element increasing the efficiency of your range. This drip bowl features a flat bottom. 

Style A Fits most PLUG-IN electric ranges including Admiral, Amana, Athens, Avanti, Bosch, Brown, Caloric, Chambers, Columbus Stove, Crosley, Dwyer, Electrolux, Enterprise, Estate, Frigidaire, Gaffers & Sattler, Galaxy, Gibson, Goodman (Caloric), Hardwick, Inglis, Jenn Air, Kelvinator, Kenmore (prior to 1995 & since 2004), KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Modern Maid, Monarch, Montgomery Ward, Norge, Nutone, O’Keefe & Merritt, Peerless Premier, Perfection, Preway, Roper, Sunray, Tappan, Thermador, Waste King, Welbilt, Whirlpool and White-Westinghouse.

  • Contains one Style A Drip Bowl featuring a flat bottom. 
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Quality – this means the consumer is getting the same quality, fit and performance as what was on the original appliance when purchased new
  • Proper fit of drip pan/bowl prevents a rocking of the element on the drip pan/bowl, therefore preventing cookware from rocking on the stove 
  • Updates the appearance of the stove 
  • Easy to clean
  • Make your kitchen fresh 

How do I find the right fit?

Using the drop-down menu on our home page, select "For The Range, " then "Drip Bowls and Drip Pans". Next, scroll down on the left side of the page: choose your Range Type, then your Range Brand. You will find various products that will fit your range. We also have specs/measurements on the Specs Tab and in our photos.
Still having trouble? We're here to help! Contact us at or 888.391.2020, and we will walk you through the process of getting the right fit the first time.

Why is Range Kleen the #1 Consumers' Choice? 

Proudly made in the USA, Range Kleen product is the same product that came on your stove when it was purchased new. It makes a huge difference in getting the right fit. Other brands claim they will work, but ours ensures a level cooking surface; your element is not rocking because it does not fit the Drip Bowl. It also fits into the stove and does not slide back and forth. Range Kleen's Drip Bowls make your stove look and cook like new!

How Long will my Drip Bowls last? 

The frequency of stove use will determine the life of your drip bowl. If you are an avid cooker, you might find that changing your drip bowls twice a year is better. On average, you should change out your drip bowls annually. 

How often should I clean my Drip Bowls? 

Whenever you have a spill or boilover, it is recommended that you remove and clean up the spill as soon as the Drip Bowl has cooled. Please DO NOT attempt to touch a hot element or Drip Bowl while it is still hot, as this could lead to severe injury. Most spills require a little soap and water. 

Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaning scrub sponges, as this will damage the surface of your drip bowl. If your bowl requires more extensive cleaning, it is better to replace that Drip Bowl. 

The longer you leave spills on Drip Bowls, the harder it will be to get them cleaned, as the mess will continue to bake onto the pan every time you heat your burner. See the Use and Care tab for more cleaning instructions.

How does changing out my Drip Bowls annually save me time, energy, and money? 

Your Drip Bowls have several jobs to perform on your stove. Maintaining clean Drip Bowls helps your stove perform at its best. To speed up time, the heat must reflect off the drip bowl surface back up to your pots and pans. If it is corroded, it cannot reflect; thus, your stove has to work harder to operate. Having well-maintained Drip Bowls allows your stove to perform at optimum levels, shortening your cooking time and saving you time and energy costs. 

Does Range Kleen have other Range Accessories for my Stove/Range? 

Range Kleen carries various products for your stove/range, from coil elements, bake and broil elements for your oven, replacement knobs, oven liners, and more. Check out our other range accessories on the website. If you don't find what you are looking for, contact our customer service at or call 888.391.2020.



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