7508 Bake Element GE, RCA, Hotpoint

SKU: 7508

Fits many models. Fits self cleaning range brands of GE, RCA, and Hotpoint ovens.  Compatible Models this part may fit :  363.9308810, 363.9378810, 363.9378880, 363.9858810, 363.9868810, 363.9878810, 363.9878911, 363.9888810, 3639858911, JB390GH1, JB391GH1, JB391GJ1, JB391GJ3, JB391GJ4, JB391GK1, JB400GH1, JB400GH2, JB400GH3, JB400GH4, JB400GH5, JB400GH6, JB400GJ1, JB400GJ3, JB400GJ4, JB400GK1, JB400GK2, JB450GJ2, JB450GJ3, JB450GK1, JB450GK2, JB450GN1, JB450GN2, JB450GP1, JB450GP2, JB490GH1, JB490GJ1, JB490GJ3, JB490GJ4, JB490GJ5, JB500D1, JB500D2, JB500D3, JB500D4, JB500W4, JB500W5, JB500W6, JB500GB1, JB500GD1, JB500GD2, JB500GD3, JB500G*D4, JB00G*D5, JB500G*H3, JB500G*H4, JB500G*H5, JB500G*H6, JB500G*J1, JB500G*J3, JBP26A*P1, JBP26A*P2, JBP26A*R1, JBP26A*R2, JBP26AV1, JBP26AV2, JBP26AV3, JBP26G*F1, JBP26G*F2, JBP26G*H2, JBP26G*H3, JBP26G*J3, JBP26G*J4, JBP26G*K1, JBP26G*K2, JBP26G*N1, JBP26G*N2, JBP26G*P1, JBP26G*P2, JBP26G*R1, JBP26G*R2, JBP26G*R3, JBP26GS1, JBP26GS2, JBP26GV2, plus hundreds more not listed.

  • Bake Element CH44X5082 250V/2585W
  • Stove element to keep your stove working like new. Don't replace your stove, just your element.  
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Quality, the same that was on your stove when new. 
  • #1 Consumer's Choice!
  • Maintain the function of your stove/range.

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