670 - Nonstick Reusable Trimmable Oven Liner

SKU: 670

Oven Liner is great for any type of stove gas or electric!

Prevent messy spills and crumbs from collecting in the bottom of your oven, by simply wiping up as you go.

The oven liner is non-stick, easy to clean and hand washable. It is constructed of a flexible non-stick material that is reusable, easy to use, and can be trimmed to fit.

Oven Liner measures: 16.25 x 23 inches.

•Trimmable with household scissors.

•Hand washable.  Reusable.

•Save Energy by preventing the use of Oven Cleaner Cycle.   


WARNING:   Failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions could result in damage to your oven.

Before first use, wash liner in clean soapy water.  Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Electric Ovens - Visible Element:  Insert oven liner on bottom of oven, under heating element.  Cut to size if necessary.

Electric Ovens - No Visible Element: Place oven liner on bottom oven rack.  Cut to size if necessary.

Gas Ovens: Place oven liner on bottom oven rack.  Cut to size if necessary.  DO NOT cover or block any open vents or holes inside the oven.

•DO NOT place directly on oven element or flame.
•OVEN-SAFE up to 550˚F/288˚C.
•Not intended for direct food contact.
•After time, discoloration may occur.  This does not affect the oven liner and performance.

Allow oven to cool completely before attempting to clean.  Use a clean household sponge or soft rag to wipe away spills.  DO NOT use abrasive brush or detergents other than mild dishwashing liquid when cleaning.

•WARNING:  Remove oven liner while oven is in Self Clean Cycle.  Self Clean Cycle will harm liner and could cause damage to your oven.

CAUTION:  Pet birds have sensitive respiratory systems.  DO NOT keep you pet bird(s) in or near the kitchen.  Overheating items made with non-stick properties can cause fumes that can be harmful or fatal to pet birds.  Any type of smoke or fumes have the potential of harming pet birds.  THESE FUMES ARE NOT HARMFUL TO HUMANS.

SAVE MONEY! SAVE ENERGY! Oven liner reduces the amount of self-clean oven cycles needed over the life of your oven!

*#1 Consumer's Choice is based on current market studies of Branded sales in the Range Accessory segments at Retail Channel of Mass Merchant, Specialty and US Food.


RKMI warrants oven & toaster oven liners to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal household use to the original purchaser for 1 year from date of original purchase.  Incidental or consequential damages are not covered by this warranty.  Retain original receipt for warranty coverage.

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