R401MK Range Kleen StoveShield Smooth Top Range Cover


Protect your fragile smooth top range from scratches, abrasions, and other damage using the Range Kleen StoveShield™ Smooth Top Range Cover. Made of natural foam rubber, this cover provides a cushion for your smooth top range and conceals unsightly imperfections in your appliance when it isn't in use. With the cover in place, you can safely increase your kitchen workspace while protecting your appliance. The neutral black color compliments most kitchens, and the generous size covers most smooth top ranges. The cover can be folded up or rolled together between uses. The attached fabric loops secure the rolled cover and double as a hanging hook.

• Non-slip grip on the bottom of the mat prevents the cover from sliding
• Fabric hooks loop around the mat for easy hanging and storage
• Conceals unsightly staining, discoloration, and cracking of smooth tops
• Nonflammable and Contact heat resistant up to 375˚F/190˚C.
• Generous size fits most smooth top ranges; 28.75 x 20.5 x 0.1875-Inches
• Doubles as a trivet to increase available workspace in the kitchen up to 375˚F/190˚C.
• Cover rolls up for compact storage in a drawer or cabinet or hang on a storage hook
• Easy-to-clean; Wipe down with a damp cloth
• Neutral black color compliments most kitchens
• Protects tabletops from cold and hot items
• Create more counter surfaces while protecting your smooth top range 

Caution: Stovetop or cooktop must be completely cool before placing Stoveshield™ on the stovetop. 

How to store it: Roll up StoveShield™ mat, then loop large fabric hooks around the mat. Smaller loops are provided to hang StoveShield™ for storage. 

How to clean it: Handwash StoveShield™ using mild dish soap, rinse and air-dry. 

28.75 x 20.5 x 0.1875-Inches

Can I use the StoveShield™ while my stove top is turned on? No! The StoveShield™ should only be used when your stovetop is off and has cooled. 

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