TG217AB Small Silicone Baking Mat by Taste of Home


Keep the mess to a minimum in your kitchen! A baking essential for amateurs and pros alike, the Taste of Home® Silicone Baking Mat is a favorite baking item! Bake cookies and pastries, and craft confections, again and again, on this reusable mat! Forgo greasing baking sheets; the non-stick durable food-grade silicone eliminates the need for greasing cookie sheets and makes clean-up a breeze! Printed cookie and macaron markings guide you to space your treats for even baking results! Pop this baking mat in the freezer, transfer it to the oven or use it on the counter as you prep and bake!

  • Replaces the need for cooking sprays, oils and parchment paper
  • Pastry marks guide you to portion perfectly sized, evenly spaced cookies and macarons 
  • Ruler markings guide you in precise measurements 
  • Non-slip mat stays in place on counter
  • Oven and freezer-safe -40˚F to 500˚F
  • Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up
  • 14.375 x 9.4375-Inch Baking Mat fits 15 x 10-Inch Baking Sheet
  • Rolls up for convenient storage
  • Taste of Home® Test Kitchen Approved
  • The tool you need for test kitchen results every time

WARNING: Do NOT use this mat as a cutting surface. Do NOT cut or trim this mat. This mat contains fiberglass material sandwiched between silicone for rigidity; fiberglass particles may migrate toward or into food if this mat is cut. 

14.375 x 9.4375-Inches

Fits Taste of Home® 15 x 10-Inch Baking Sheet

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