3061 10 Piece Non-Stick Aluminum Cookware Set by Taste of Home

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Prepare your favorite foods in the Taste of Home® Non-Stick 10 Piece Cookware Set. The 10 Piece Set contains the 9.5-inch and 11-inch skillets, 4-quart sauté pan with lid, 5-quart Dutch oven with lid, and 8-quart stock pot with lid. This durable cookware set is designed for everyday use and is an ideal choice for the home chef to execute a variety of cooking tasks. The forged aluminum promotes quick and even heat distribution throughout the pots and pans. The premium non-stick coating ensures quick and easy release of foods and allows you to prepare healthier meals using minimal oil during the cooking process, leaving you to feel good about the food you're serving. Our non-stick coating features a top coat in a decorative geometric pattern that sets this cookware apart from others, adding a protective layer to the three-layer non-stick coating. This beautiful geometric pattern is carried throughout most of the Taste of Home® product lines, adding style and function to the tools in your kitchen. The soft-touch Sea Green handles are designed for both comfort and stability while cooking and are a perfect match to the beautiful Sea Green exterior of the cookware. The tempered glass lid allows you to monitor cooking progress visually and features a stainless steel rim and steam vent to prevent boil-over. The finished bottom is ideal for all cooktops, except induction. High heat is not necessary when using your Taste of Home® cookware. Start with a medium-high temperature and lower when pan comes up to temperature. All Taste of Home® products are designed in partnership with and rigorously tested by the Taste of Home test kitchen and are Test Kitchen-approved. Make sure to snag your Taste of Home® Non-Stick 10 Piece Cookware Set today.

  • Set includes 9.5 and 11-inch aluminum skillet-fry pan, 3-quart covered saucepan, 4-quart sauté pan with 10-inch lid, 5-quart dutch oven with 11.5-inch lid and the 8-quart stock pot with 10-inch lid
  • Durable construction; made of 2.5mm forged aluminum
  • Stunning surface design adds an additional layer of protection to your cookware
  • Non-stick coating ensures easy release and cleanup
  • Soft touch, ergonomic Sea Green handles and knobs offer comfortable grip and optimal control
  • Suitable for oven use to 300˚F
  • Dishwasher-safe, hand washing recommended
  • Taste of Home® Test Kitchen Approved
  • Aluminum conducts heat quickly and evenly preventing hot spots
  • Tempered glass lids feature Stainless Steel rims and steam vents to prevent boil over
  • Made in Italy
  • Limited Lifetime Household Warranty

Manufactured and distributed under license from RDA Enthusiast Brands, LLC by Range Kleen Mfg., Inc. TASTE OF HOME marks and logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of RDA Enthusiast Brands, LLC. ©2019 All rights reserved.

Before using for the first time . . . Remove all labels, tags, and packaging from the cookware. Wash your pans in warm, soapy water. Rinse well. This removes all manufacturing, packing and shipping dust from your new Taste of Home Cookware.

WARNING • Should you have cookware with non-stick coating pet birds have sensitive respiratory systems. DO NOT keep them in or near the kitchen. Overheating an empty non-stick pan or use of a non-stick pan under a broiler can cause fumes that can be harmful or fatal to pet birds. Any smoke or fumes has the potential to harm pet birds. THESE FUMES ARE NOT HARMFUL TO HUMANS.

•Always use medium heat and lower after pan has come up to temperature. High heat is not recommended as it could cause damage to your cookware.
•Match burner size to pan size. ALWAYS use the burner that matches most closely with the diameter of your pan.
•DO NOT BOIL DRY. Boil dry can ruin your pan and non-stick coating.
•Aluminum is known for rapid heat and even distribution.
•Utensils: Wooden, silicone and plastic-coated utensils can be used in your cookware. DO NOT use metal utensils or cut in your cookware. Minor marring will occur on the non-stick surface with use, this is normal and will not affect the non-stick coating. DO NOT use sharp edges in your non-stick cookware such as forks, knives or metal utensils.
•Oven use up to 300˚F. DO NOT USE UNDER THE BROILER.
•NEVER add cold water to a hot pan. This can warp your cookware.
•The handles were designed to allow for a cooler touch.  However, it is always recommended that you use potholders when removing from stove top and ALWAYS when removing from oven.
•DO NOT use non-stick sprays on your cookware.  These sprays have a low burning temperature and will leave a sticky residue on your non-stick coating.
•If, after time, you notice that your non-stick coating is not releasing as well as when you first purchased the pan, heat the pan on medium heat for 2 minutes.
DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED. Remove from burner and rub vegetable oil on the non-stick coating with a towel. Allow pan to cool completely and then wipe any residual oil. Repeat this process as necessary to re-season your non-stick coating.

•Let cookware, lids, and utensils cool completely before attempting to clean.
•Although cookware, lids, and utensils are dishwasher-safe, handwashing is recommended.
After time, harsh temperatures and detergents may discolor your cookware.
•Wash in warm, soapy water; rinse well and dry.
•To clean tough areas, use a nylon scrubbing pad and soapy water, or soak pan in warm soapy water for 10 minutes to loosen tough areas. You can also use a paste of baking soda and water to scour the bottom of the pans. Rinse and wash well when finished.

Limited Lifetime Household Warranty

Range Kleen Mfg., Inc. warrants cookware to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal household use to the original purchaser. Ceramic and non-stick coating is guaranteed not to peel off under normal household use. Marring of ceramic and non-stick is normal and does not affect the non-stick properties or cookware. To maintain your cookware, we recommend you follow the Use and Care instructions carefully. During this period, Range Kleen Mfg., Inc will repair or replace, at its option, any defective item returned to Range Kleen with original purchase receipt. If the item is out of production, an item of similar value and function will be substituted. Commercial use of this product voids this warranty. Incidental or consequential damages are not covered by this warranty. This warranty is non-transferable. This warranty will not cover damage caused by misuse of the product in direct opposition to the supplied use and care. All discoloration, scratches and stains, or other signs of misuse or abuse of the cookware that do not affect the function of your cookware, is not covered under this warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

Q: “Is there a health hazard in using aluminum cookware and bakeware?”

A: "None whatsoever. Over the years medical experts and food authorities have repudiated this notion over and over. A Food and Drug Administration Consumer Memo reports in part: “…Aluminum occurs naturally in many foods. Aluminum compounds have a number of uses as direct food ingredients, as for example in alum baking powder and in the use of alum in pickles to keep them firm. These uses are generally recognized as safe by scientists qualified to evaluate the safety of food additives.… Many scientific studies have determined that the amount of aluminum ingested as a result of preparing foods in aluminum cookware is so small as to be of no significance in comparison with the amount of aluminum consumed from other sources.” Cookware Manufacturers Association

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