5112 4-Pack Round "Fallitudes" Licensed Round Burner Kover Set (c) Diannart Last Chance

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Available for a Limited Time Only! You'll FALL for Range Kleen's charming Fallitudes Licensed Round Burner Kover Set (c) Diannart. Each burner cover features unique Autumnal floral and seasonal accents  and a heart warming sentiment. The large burner kovers feature "Blessing" and "Gratitude" while the small burner kovers feature the sentiments "Thanks" and "Love"! The pops of orange, yellow and green will bring new life to your cooktop.  

  • Round shape
  • Includes 2 large, 2 small burner kovers
  • Design features seasonal floral accents and each piece features an individual sentiment
  • Cleans easily with damp cloth
  • Adds a seasonal touch to your range
  • Easy to remove
  • Hides older elements from sight
  • Adds extra counter space to your kitchen
  • Small kover 8.5-inches x .625-inches, Large kover 10.5-inch diameter x .625-inches
  • Designed for most electric stovetops
  • Square and rectangular shapes available
  • Solid colors and other licensed designs available. See the full collection here

This item is intended for decoration only. It is not suitable for temperature diffusion. Remove burner kover from element before use. Do not turn the range element on while covered. Allow range top to cool prior to replacing burner kovers.

DO NOT use over hot burners, allow burners to cool before placing on stove top.

Clean with damp cloth.

Small Burner Kovers measures 8.5 inches round and .625 inches in height.

Large Burner Kovers measures 10.5 inches round and .625 inches in height

Q: Can I use my range with this burner cover in place? Will the heat transfer through?

A: This item is to be used as a decoration, only. It does not transfer heat and should never be used when range elements are turned on.  Users should remove burner kover from element before use, then allow range top to cool completely before replacing kover. 

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