550-4 4 Pack Stainless Steel Round Burner Cover Range Kleen

SKU: 550-4

Makeover your cooktop quickly and affordably, while providing a seamless look with the Round Stainless Steel Solid Burner Covers by Range Kleen. Ideal for concealing heating elements, these burner covers add a touch of style to your kitchen.

  • Round shape
  • Includes 2 small, 2 large burner kovers
  • Stainless steel
  • Cleans easily with damp cloth
  • Gives cooktop a seamless look
  • Easy to remove
  • Hides older elements from sight
  • Adds extra counter space to your kitchen
  • Small burner cover: 8.5-inches x .625-inches,
  • Large burner cover: 10.5-inches x .625-inches
  • Designed for most electric stove tops
  • Square and rectangular shapes available
  • Solid colors and other licensed designs available. See the full collection here

This item is intended for decoration only. It is not suitable for temperature diffusion. Remove burner kover from element before use. Do not turn the range element on while covered. Allow range top to cool prior to replacing burner kovers.

Q: Can I use my range with this burner cover in place? Will the heat transfer through?

A: This item is to be used as a decoration, only. It does not transfer heat and should never be used when range elements are turned on.  Users should remove burner kover from element before use, then allow range top to cool completely before replacing kover.

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