755B Black Silicone 30 Inch Kleen Seam Range Kleen

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Looking to bridge the gap between your countertop and range? Are you tired of scrubbing build up and crumbs between the range and countertop of your kitchen? Save yourself time and a little elbow grease with the Kleen Seam by Range Kleen. Bridging the gap between the range and countertop, the Kleen Seam prevents crumbs, grime, and dirt from falling into hard to reach crevices, making those gaps easy-to-clean. The generous, improved 30-Inch length covers a variety of countertops gaps and can be easily customized to fit your countertops by trimming with a pair of household scissors.

  • 1 unit per package
  • 30-inches long
  • 2.25-inches wide
  • Trim to length with household scissors or knife
  • Made of silicone
  • Heat resistant
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Eliminates the gap between stove and countertop
  • Keeps crumbs and spills out of the seam between counter and stove
  • The multi-purpose seam can also be used under door drafts during harsh winter months

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