Hands hold a sharpener and knife angled on sharpener. A chunk of red meat and a gas range can be seen on the sides of the photo.

Are You Holiday Ready?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means your kitchen will likely be in full swing between roasting the turkey, preparing the side dishes and baking delicious pies! At Range Kleen we wanted to share some of our best tips to prepare for the holiday, so you can enjoy time with your loved ones. 

If you haven't cleaned your oven already, now is the time to do it! With less than two weeks from Thanksgiving, you'll want to clean your oven the old fashioned way, as opposed to using a self-cleaning feature (we know how tempting that can be). Cambria Bold of The Kitchn explains why "The super-high temperatures required to burn everything into oblivion can sometimes have the unintended consequence of burning out the heating elements and control panel, too, particularly if you have an older oven." You can find The Kitchn's instructions on How to Clean an Oven here.  

Look over your cookware and bakeware. Do you have the proper cookware you need? Do you have your roasting pan for the turkey? Pie pans for baking those delicious pies? Is your broiler pan showing signs of wear and tear? 

Test the temperature of your oven. If you don't own an oven thermometer, pick one up on your next trip to the store. Test your meat thermometer in the next piece of meat you cook between now and Thanksgiving to ensure it's working correctly. 

Last but not least, keep your Thanksgiving on point by sharpening your knives. 

Stay tuned for more helpful holiday tips! 

Whitney Bashaw

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