Q:My range has drip bowls; what do they do?

A: We hear this question often, so please know you're not alone.
Drip Bowls and Drip Pans sit beneath the coil element on your range to collect spilled liquids, crumbs, and other messes that fall beneath cooking elements. They also reflect heat toward the cooking elements, which helps your appliance run efficiently, saving you energy and money over the lifetime of your appliance!

Image shows an electric cooktop with an electric coil element, drip bowl and the base of the range floating above the range
Have questions about replacing your drip bowls or drip pans with Range Kleen's Heavy Duty Chrome or Heavy Duty Black Porcelain Replacement Drip Bowls/Drip Pans? Drop your questions below or reach out to us!

Please shoot us an e-mail at info@rangekleen.com or call us at 1.888.391.2020 or 419.331.8000!

Whitney Bashaw

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