Q: Do I need any tools to replace my Drip Bowls?

A: No, you do not need tools to replace your Drip Bowls or Drip Pans! It's so easy; we'll show you how!

Unplug your appliance from the power source, and wait for it to cool completely. The cooking element sits on top of the Drip Bow, we'll need to remove this to access the drip bowls. 

To remove, grasp a cooking element, then lift it out by angling it slightly upward and sliding it out of the terminal. Remove all cooking elements. 

Then lift the drip bowl, slightly angled, out of the element well. Remove all drip bowls. Find instructions to clean drip bowls between annual replacements.

To replace drip bowls, remove Range Kleen's Heavy Duty Chome/Porcelain Drip Bowls from the packaging. Next, align one drip bowl element hole with the element plug-in hole. 

Then, plug the cooking element plug into the terminal.

Continue with this process, replacing all drip bowls and returning the cooking elements to their positions. You've replaced your Drip Bowls/Drip Pans without tools in minutes!

Whitney Bashaw

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