What is F.O.G and Why You Should Care?

With that F.O.G. in your kitchen, ya' gotta drain it while it's hot,
drain it while it's hot,
drain it while it's hot.
- Soup Dog

If you're wondering what F.O.G. is, you're not alone! F.O.G. is an acronym that stands for Fats, Oils, and Grease. And EVERYONE has a little (or a lot of) F.O.G. in their kitchen from cooking meats, batches of bacon, sausage, ribs, and so forth. There's also F.O.G. in things like salad dressing and creamy gravy. 


You should NEVER pour F.O.G. down the drain as the fats, oils, and grease congeal, then stick to the sides of plumbing, eventually causing blockages and potentially costly repairs!

What SHOULD you do with F.O.G.? Dispose of it properly! Pour hot F.O.G. (up to 200˚ F) into Range Kleen's Trap the Grease: Fat Trapper Bags! Between uses, you'll fold down the top of the bag and use the locking tabs to close the bag! Closing the bag contains odors from the F.O.G.

 Use these fantastic bags with or without the Fat Trapper container! Use one in your home, and take them while traveling! They're perfect for your vacation home,  Airbnb/VRBO, R.V./Camper, or cabin which tend to have fragile plumbing systems!


How can you get started collecting and disposing of F.O.G. safely? Head to our website! Want to save 20%? Enter discount code FRIENDS20 to save 20% off your next order!

Whitney Bashaw

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