What Does OEM Quality Mean?

If you've ever replaced a part on an appliance, vehicle, or machinery, you might've encountered the acronym OEM Quality and might not know what it means.

What is OEM Quality? OEM Quality is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer Quality, which means the OEM Quality piece will fit equivalently today as when the appliance was new.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) Quality Drip Bowls overset on an electric stove

Why is OEM Quality important? In Range Kleen's Drip Bowls and Drip Pans, we manufacture a variety of bowls and pans to fit the specific needs of many range brands; the OEM Quality fit ensures the correct fit and function for your range. A proper fit ensures cookware sits level on your range and won't rock on top of your range (which makes your cooking experience safer and more pleasant). 

Whitney Bashaw

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