BP1026X2 - 5-Piece Heavy Duty Broiler Pan Set with Scrape and Kleen

SKU: BP1026X2

Fresh Healthy Cooking!  2 Piece Heavy Duty Porcelain Full Size Broiler Pan measures 16 x 12.75 x 1.75 inches and  2 Piece Heavy Duty Porcelain Toaster Oven Size Broiler Pan measures 8.5 x 12.75 x 1.325 inches. Scrape and Kleen is a handy scraper to ease cleaning. 

Replace that dirty old broiler pan that came with your oven. With Original Equipment Manufacturing Quality of Heavy Duty Porcelain will get your family to love the tasty (and healthy!) meats and seafood prepared with a broiler.

You will love the faster cook time, and easy clean up! Broiling cooks with a high temperature to seal in juices, while fat drips through the grate into the pan below. Keep it for gravy or sauce, or discard it and enjoy juicy low fat meat.

The bottom pan also does double duty for baking! How about dinner rolls or cheesy jalapeno cornbread?

Our stick-free porcelain coating means clean up will be quick, too! Grill Top and Baking Pan with Stick-free Porcelain coating,  

Not an accessory but a necessity.  Broiler Pans do not always come with new ranges. 

Fresh Healthy Cooking! 

Durable and easy-to-clean. 

2 uses in 1…broiler pan and baking dish - in two convenient sizes.

Great for chicken, fish, beef, vegetables and more! 

Dishwasher-safe.  Stick-free durable porcelain finish on steel. 

Easy-to-clean and long life. 

Suitable for use with outdoor grilling.  Safe for use up to 1025 degrees F!

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Quality. 

Made in USA. (Scraper made in China)

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