What's a Glass Stop Stove Protector?

As the #1 Consumer's Choice in Range Accessories, Range Kleen leverages our industry expertise to create solutions to solve everyday household problems. In recent years, many of our customers with smooth top ranges have expressed disdain over the special care these fragile ranges require; they're prone to cracking, staining, and scratching and limit the available workspace in kitchens.

Picture of a glass top stove protector on a smooth top stove

We listened to your troubles and created the Range Kleen Glass Top Stove Protector! Crafted from natural foam rubber, this premium cover protects your range from scratches, abrasions, and cracking while covering unsightly staining,

Closeup image of stained glass cooktop stove


Closeup of cracked glass cooktop stove

and scratching damage! 

close up of scratched glass cooktop

To use the cover, turn off your range and allow it to cool to the touch.  Place the Glass Top Stove Protector on your cool smooth top. 

Picture of a glass top stove protector on a smooth top stove

You CAN use the Glass Top Stove Protector when the oven is in use; you CANNOT use the protector when the cooktop is in use.)

Image of glass stove top protector on glass range
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