Cleaning Drip Bowls Between Replacements

Need to clean your Drip Bowls/Drip Pans between replacing them annually?


Cleaning stubborn spills or burnt-on food using a paste made from baking soda and water is easy! Add a few tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl, and slowly add water as you stir until the paste forms.

Glass pitcher pouring water into glass bowl of baking soda

Spread the paste over your drip bowls with a sponge, then let them sit for ten minutes! Using a natural bristle brush, scrub them, then rinse the pasted off and towel dry!

Electric range image split in the middle showing dirty drip bowl and coil element and clean drip bowl and element

Can't get them as clean as you'd like? You can find your Drip Bowl fit here!


Boring but essential technical jargon: We DO NOT recommend abrasive cleaners or cleaning aid such as scouring pads. Using abrasive materials will remove or damage the finish from your Drip Bowls/Drip Pans.

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Keep Your Gas Range and Renew It, Too!

We're here to fill you in if you have yet to hear of the rising controversy with gas ranges. To curb rising cases of childhood asthma, the current administration suggested Americans remove gas ranges from their homes. 

Text at top of image says Gas Vs. Electric? Image shows a gas cooktop element lit next to an electric coil range that is turned on
Why the controversy? According to Harvard Health Publishing of Harvard Medical School, cooking with Gas produces nitrogen dioxide, which releases microscopic airborne particles known as PM2.5. Both Nitrogen Dioxide and PM2.5 are lung irritants. In addition, according to an analysis of observational research, children living in households that use gas stoves are more likely to have asthma. Yet, observational studies cannot prove that cooking with a gas range is the direct cause of an asthma diagnosis.

We know gas ranges are here to stay. We love cooking with gas ranges; there are so many benefits of using a gas range. For example, cooking with Gas allows you to adjust the stove top heat levels instantly, offering better temperature control while cooking. Flames disperse along the sides and bottom of pans providing uniform cooking results. In addition, users can char foods over an open flame, which is a popular way to heat tortillas! Finally, ovens preheat faster using Gas as an energy source instead of electricity.

Gas ranges are also easy to clean! To clean and refresh your gas range, start by ensuring the range is turned off and wait until it's cool to the touch.

1) If your range features removable knobs, carefully remove them (so as not to turn them on).

2) Remove stove grates, burner caps (which protect the burner base below), and drip pans (if applicable). Set the drip pans off to the side.

3) Wipe the burner caps with a soft sponge, then rinse using hot water. Finally, set them aside to dry. (To clean the burner base, refer to the appliance manufacturer's instructions).

4) Rinse off the grates in the kitchen sink to release food crumbs. Mix a concoction of equal parts dish soap and baking soda; the mixture should be slightly foamy - if it's not, add a splash of water and stir. Place the grates in the sink and scrub them with a non-abrasive sponge, coating each grate in the mixture you've whipped up.

4) Allow the grates to soak for 15 minutes.

5)Wipe the stovetop down with a warm, damp rag. Next, create a cleaning solution using 1/2 tsp. of dish soap (which contains a degreasing ingredient) with 2-3 cups of water. Transfer the liquid into a spray bottle and spritz your stovetop. If the stovetop has baked-on messes or grease, allow the solution to sit for 5-10 minutes; then scrub with a non-abrasive sponge and use your Scrape & Kleen to scrape away any stuck-on messes.

6) Wipe the range top using a warm, damp cleaning cloth to remove the cleaning solution. Repeat steps 5 and 6 if the range top is still dirty.

7) Spritz the appliance panel with cleaning solution, then wipe it down with a damp cloth and replace the range knobs.

8) Rinse off the grates, then pat them dry using a clean towel.

9) Replace the drip pans with Range Kleen's Heavy Duty Chrome or Porcelain Drip Pans. Next, put the burner caps back on to protect the burners.

Range Kleen Chrome Drip Pan is held by hand showing how to install the drip pan

10) Finally, replace the stove grates and pat yourself on the back for a well-done job!

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Refresh Your Range!

A New Year brings an opportunity to reset yourself, your home, and your life. At Range Kleen, we love January. January offers the chance to refresh our homes; it's an opportunity to harmonize our homes with our new year's resolutions to create a fresh start for the New Year. 


So many of us spend valuable time in our homes: cooking together, celebrating life milestones and successes around the dinner table, rooting for our favorite sports teams on television, celebrating birthdays, and so much more. Between whipping up sweet and savory celebratory treats and meals, your range collects grease, oil spatters, crumb spills, liquid drips, and more. Therefore, cleaning your range is the perfect start to refreshing your kitchen. 


Remove anything on top of your range or inside your oven before cleaning, then unplug your range from its power source. Wait until the entire range is cool to the touch. Next, remove heating elements and drip bowls or pans. Finally, remove the knobs from the appliance panel, wipe down the appliance panel with a damp cloth, clean off the knobs and replace them.


Image of kitchen glass cooktop with wooden countertops and white subway tile backsplash. Small bottle of cleaner, sponge and orange plastic scraper sit on top of the glass cooktop. Small plant in background.

Our Glass & Ceramic Cooktop Kleening Kit makes the range cleaning process easy:

  1. Shake the bottle of Glass & Ceramic Cooktop Kleener.
  2. Pour a pea-sized amount of kleener onto a range surface. Then use the included plastic Scrape & Kleen to scrape away baked-on messes; use the sharp corner to clean the edges and crevices of your smooth-top range.
  3. Buff the kleener from the range surface.


Instead of putting crusty, rusty, or otherwise discolored drip bowls or drip pans back onto your range, we recommend replacing them with Range Kleen's Heavy Duty Chrome drip bowls pans. Find the perfect fit for your range here. After you've replaced the drip bowls or drip pans, put the heating elements back. 


Image of electric coil range burner with drip bowl below. In the upper left hand and lower right hand corners there is a yellow color block showing chrome drip bowls

To clean the oven's interior, grab baking soda, vinegar (in a spray bottle), a wet rag, and a sponge. Although modern ranges feature self-cleaning oven cycles, many folks prefer to use these cycles sparingly as ovens generate incredibly high heat levels during cleaning, which can lead to appliance failure. 


Remove the oven racks. Fill the kitchen sink with hot water and pour in 1/2 cup of white vinegar. If possible, allow the racks to soak overnight. While the oven racks are soaking, make a baking soda paste. Mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with water to form a paste. Spread the paste inside the oven on the base and along the walls, avoiding the heating elements. Let the paste sit overnight (if possible). 

Image of a person cleaning a messy oven, brushing a baking soda paste onto the oven door while holding a stainless steel bowl. The oven has been brushed with paste.


Use a wet rag to wash away as much paste as possible. Then use your Range Kleen Scrape and Kleen to scrape away any remaining paste residue. Spritz any remaining paste with vinegar. Wipe away the vinegar and baking soda residue. Remove the oven racks from their overnight soak and give them a light scrub with a scrubbing sponge. Then rinse them with water and return them to the oven. Open the warming drawer and wipe it with a damp cloth, allowing it to air dry and close. 


Pull your free-standing range away from the wall, spray each side with vinegar and wipe down. Next, sweep or vacuum the flooring where the range sits, then wipe it with a damp cloth. When the flooring is dry, move the range and plug it into the power source. Reset the clock if necessary, and enjoy your range refresh!

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Getting Holiday Ready: Last Minute To-Do's

The clock is ticking! Santa has made his list, and he's checking it twice, and now it's time for you to do the same. So tackle these last-minute to-do's today, so you'll be ready for the holiday.

If your holiday entree requires thawing, calculate the thawing time and put your entree in the fridge at the appropriate time. There's nothing worse than waking on Christmas morning and realizing you forgot to thaw the turkey!

Jot down a list of your Christmas menu, and each ingredient required to prepare these items; double-check the list against your pantry and refrigerator to ensure you have what you need—missing something? Now's the perfect time to run to the store to grab it :) Don't forget the butter - you "butter" believe you'll need it for at least one dish!

Person holds smart phone in one hand and credit card in another hand, a journal sits on a counter below featuring a list of indescript written list

Speaking of butter... kitchen F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, and Grease) typically increases during the holidays with deliciouscomfort foods abound. Here's a friendly reminder that you should NEVER pour Fats, Oils, or Grease (Butter, salad dressings, gravies, oils, grease from bacon, ham, etc) down the drain, as this can cause blockages and potentially costly plumbing repairs. Be sure to load Range Kleen's Fat Trapper: Trap the Grease canister with a new Fat Trapper replacement bag to avoid an expensive plumbing disaster over the holidays!

Image of non stick skillet pouring grease into black, rectangular container holding a grease bag, sitting on a counter. There is a Christmas tree and holiday decor in the background.

Take out the kitchen trash, give your bathrooms a quick spruce up and prepare any side dishes that you can make ahead tonight!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from everyone at Team Range Kleen!

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Getting Holiday Ready with Range Kleen

Image features the words "Getting Holiday Ready Kitchen Cleaning" in orange and yellow letters. A caucasian woman with hair pulled back in a ponytail cleans a white kitchen cabinet while wearing rubber cleaning gloves. A blue sponge sits on the wooden counter top with some small decor sitting against white backsplash.

We're preparing for the holidays because there's SO MUCH to do before you host for the holidays! Gathering with family and friends makes the extra work worthwhile. We'll start with cleaning the kitchen, the heart of your home! Working from top to bottom maximizes cleaning results and reduces your workload. 

Grab a dust mop to tackle the chore of dusting the ceiling and ceiling fan (if you have one) and dust off any light fixtures. Then dust wall corners where cobwebs may form and spot clean walls if needed.

Check the refrigerator for any inedible items, and toss or compost the food. Place any dishwasher-safe food containers in the dishwasher. Wipe down each shelf, drawer, the inside of the door, and the exterior.

Inside of refrigerator featuring white interior and glass shelves. A hand holds a pink rag, cleaning the inside of the fridge.

Make Stainless Steel appliances sparkle and shine with Ceramabryte's Steel Polish!

Bottle of Ceramabrye cleaner infront of small fake pine tree in a modern, white kitchen featuring white subway backsplash times, a sparkly range and butcher block counter tops. Small holiday decoratios and a string of lights in the background.

Wipe down small appliances. Wipe the oven's exterior, then set the self-cleaning cycle.

Wipe down the exterior of the cabinets. Next, clear off the countertops; pop any dishwasher-safe dishes/cutlery in the dishwasher, then clean off the countertops (including the backsplash).

Next, wash any dishes left in the sink; then utilize the Range Kleen's Scrape & Kleen to scrape away grime stuck in crevices around the edges of your sink!

A dirty pan sits in a stainless steel kitchen sink. The pan features soapy water with small bubbles, an orange plastic scraper and some holiday graphic accents of holly berries and pine.

Start the dishwasher. Grab a microwave-safe coffee mug, pour a few tablespoons of water and a few tablespoons of white vinegar, place the mug in the microwave, and microwave for 3 minutes. The steam will help loosen any grease and grime left. After the mug handle has cooled to the touch, remove it and wipe the microwave interior down.

Wipe down kitchen baseboards. Sweep the floor, gather dust into the dustpan, then pour the dustpan into the trash. Finally, mop the flooring according to your flooring material.

A copper motif dust pan sits behind a pile of shreded paper on a wooden floor. In the background there are holiday accents featuring holly berries and pine.

Now pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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10 Gifts for Graduates!

Graduation is an exciting rite of passage for students everywhere. Many celebrate this auspicious occasion with a gift to help students transition into their next stage of life. Unfortunately for many students, COVID-19 has delayed or canceled their graduation ceremonies. Although you may not be able to give your graduate the celebration they've dreamed of, you can give them a little something to help them enter their next stage of life.

Stock Their Kitchen
Stock your graduate's kitchen with the Taste of Home® 8-Piece Non-Stick Aluminum Cookware Set! The 8 Piece Set contains 8 and 9.5-inch skillets, 2-quart saucepan with lid, 4-quart sauté pan with lid, and the 5-quart dutch oven with lid. The Sea Green exterior of the cookware and handles add a pop of color to the kitchen, and the non-stick coating ensures food releases quickly and easily for clean-up! This cookware is dishwasher safe, making it easy for your grad to keep it clean. Save 25% off this gorgeous cookware set in June using code ALLSET at checkout!

Image features smiling woman wearing a cooking apron, with a Taste of Home Pan in the forefront of the image.Text in image states "Class of 2020" "Save 25% using code ALLSET"

Keep Them Baking 
They'll probably need bakeware, too! From roasting vegetables to baking brownies, your graduate will bake their way through this next stage of life with Taste of Home® 5-Piece Non-Stick Metal BakewareThe 5-piece set includes one 15 x 10-inch baking sheet, one 9-inch round baking pan, an 8-inch square baking pan, 13 x 9-inch baking pan, and a 9 x 5-inch loaf pan, which is what your grad will need to complete most baking tasks! The non-stick coating releases foods effortlessly, making clean up a breeze for your grad.
Image of Taste of Home Non-Stick Metal Bakeware on wooden countertop with white backsplash
Help Them Prepare Healthy Meals 
The high heat used in the broiling process traps juices giving meats and other foods a bit of added crispness, similar to that of the grilling process, without the hassle of lighting charcoal of waiting for the gas grill to heat. Your grad can prepare healthy meals with little to no added fat easily with a Range Kleen BP102X 2-Piece Heavy Duty Porcelain Full Size Broiler Pan. This broiler pan is perfect for cooking fish, beef, pork, roasts, and veggies.
White countertop with shiny black broiler pan featuring raw salmon steaks on pan. Range Kleen logo on bottom left corner.
Give Them A Range Refresh
Educate your grad on caring for their range! Many students do not know that they can replace Drip Bowls. Give their range a makeover today with a new set of Range Kleen Drip Bowls! We manufacture our drip bowls according to O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Quality so that your grad will receive the same fit of drip bowl as when their appliance was purchased new. Say goodbye to dirty drip bowls with baked-on spills and grime, say hello to a refreshed range!
Image shows a portion of a shiny chrome drip bowl on a countertop, with chili peppers and seasoning in the background.
Create Storage Space
Maximize the available storage in their new space - be it in a dorm, apartment or house, smaller spaces benefit from maximizing storage space under the bed! Range Kleen's Underbed Spacers add 5.5 inches of height to that much-needed space, allowing your grad to store more things.
Black risers support wooden bed frame, creating additional space for clear storage tubs under the bed.Raise Them To A New Height
Help your grad reach new heights with the Range Kleen SS1 1 Step Folding Black Step Stool. The Range Kleen SS1 1 Step Folding Black Step Stool will give your grad a boost to help them accomplish necessary household tasks. This Step Stool supports up to 300lbs and features non-slip rubber grips on the feet on the stool for extra safety. It folds compactly for storage and is also available in White.
Unfolded black step stoop with white dots on top step set on a cream colored floor with teal background wall color.
Arrange Their Kitchen
Organizing cookware and utensils can be a tough task when you lack proper cabinet space! Utilizing available wall space with Range Kleen's Expanding Pot Rack Bars is the perfect solution for kitchen organization! Perfect for hanging pots, pans, and utensils, these compact pot rack bars are wall-mounted and easy to install. Available in Black Enameled or Stainless Steel
Wooden countertop with white backslpash features black hanging pot rack bar on backsplash. Two skillets hang from the bar.

Corral Their Portable Power
Batteries power many household devices, from smoke detectors to remote controls and toys; each household needs a variety of battery types and sizes on hand. Keep your grads batteries together and neatly stored with Range Kleen's 104+ Compartment Slim Line Battery Organizer! The testing meter displays the remaining battery life, taking the guesswork out of determining if a battery has enough power. Your grad can tuck this organizer away in a drawer or mount it on the wall for convenient access. Batteries and other items shown are not included with purchase. 
White background featuring black junk drawer with items: scissors, keys, items to hang photos and black battery storage case filled with batteries.

Organize Their Things
From refrigerator and cabinet organization to writing utensils and household supplies, Range Kleen's Expandable Bin Organizers are perfect for organizing around the home. Available in a variety of sizes, these bins expand to meet your sizing needs. The neutral white color is complementary to many kitchens. Spices not included. 

White background with white expandable bin, expanded,  holding various spice jars.
Keep Them Hydrated
Staying hydrated is easy when your water bottle is nearby! With Range Kleen's Go Caddy your grad can tote their water bottle, car keys, driver's license, and other important documents. Whether they're headed to a sporting practice, the gym, or the park, they'll keep important items close by and remain hands-free during their activity. White background featuring a black portable water bottle holder featuring pocket and long strap. Assorited items surround the small bag: sunglasses, passport, smart phone, hand wipes, etc.
Range Kleen manufactures a variety of products to help your graduate enter this next stage of life. Find these products and more on our website. Use code FRIENDS20 to save 20% off your order. Congratulations to the Class of 2020! 
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Say "I Love You" With Homemade Chocolate Treats

What better way to say "I Love You" than by making a delectable homemade treat? Sharing your time, effort, and culinary talents is a special gift and one that your loved ones are likely to appreciate. Valentine's Day is approaching, and candy making is one popular way of showing your love for someone. From chocolate-dipped strawberries to homemade candy, there are many simple, tasty treats that home chefs can create.

Blue plate featuring fresh strawberries, half dipped in chocolate on a wooden table. Roses and votice candles appear in the background.

Chocolate dipped strawberries are a popular Valentine's Day treat. This decadent treat is easy to prepare and adds a luxurious touch to your holiday celebration. Start by rinsing a pint of strawberries, then pat the fruit dry. Cover a metal baking sheet with waxed paper to place the berries on after dipping. 

Grab your Double Boiler and add water to fill 1/4 of the base of the pan. Add 8 ounces of chocolate chips to the top pan: choose dark chocolate for a richer flavor, semi-sweet chocolate for a sweeter taste, or white baking chocolate for a sweet treat. You may wonder why using a double boiler as opposed to melting chocolate in a single pan over direct heat is best? A double boiler uses indirect heat, giving you better temperature control over the melting chocolate; as the steam from the simmering water rises, your chocolate will slowly melt. You're less likely to burn your chocolate - and let's be honest; no one wants to eat burnt chocolate! Stir the chocolate as it melts.

Stainless steel double boiler pan on white background.

When all chocolate has melted, grab a strawberry it into the chocolate, and let any excess drip back into the pan. Place your dipped strawberry onto a baking sheet lined with waxed paper. While the chocolate is still warm, sprinkle any toppings you wish to add, such as sprinkles, coconut flakes or chopped nuts. Refrigerate the strawberries until you're ready to serve. 

Pink background with images of white chocolate and dark chocolate dipped, decorated strawberries on individual papers.

For a salty-sweet treat, try dipping pretzel rods into your melted chocolate. Dip 3/4 of the rod into melted chocolate and let any excess drip back into the pan. Place on waxed paper, add toppings while still warm and allow to cure (chocolate will be hard to the touch). 

Dark chocolate dipped pretzel rods with drizzled white chocolate sit on a table, drying.

If you're looking for a delicious chocolate and caramel treat, try making Taste of Home's Chocolate Turtles. This easy recipe is perfect for beginning candy makers, and your loved one will think you put in more effort than is required :) With a little time and a Range Kleen Double Boiler, you can whip up this sweet treat in no time. Package the completed turtles in a small box, then tie a bow for an extra touch.

Pecan candies made of caramel, chocolate and pecans shaped like turtles on a wooden cutting board.

What treats will you be making for your loved ones on Valentine's Day? Share in the comments section! 

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Game Day Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

Are you stoked for Super Bowl Sunday? There's so much to get excited about: the football game, gathering with family and friends, the half time show (Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are headlining!)  and THE SNACKING. During the Super Bowl, fans will eat roughly 27 million chicken wings and 12.5 million pizzas! 

Table featuring football table cloth and various decorations, plate and bowl of chips and salsa, plate of finger sandwiches.

This year the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. It's been 25 years since the 49er's won a Superbowl title. It's been 50 years since the Kansas City Chiefs have been to the Superbowl, and the Chiefs (and their loyal fans) are hungry for a win. 

Speaking of hungry, what do you plan to snack on during the game? Whether you're hosting a Superbowl watch party or taking along a snack to share, we've got a few great suggestions lined up!

Skip the crazy waiting time for pizza delivery which can range from 30 minutes to six hours on gameday and whip up a hearty pizza to share in your Taste of Home® Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet. Taste of Home's Deep Dish Sausage Pizza is a hearty pie featuring pork sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, onions and lots of gooey mozzarella cheese. 

If you're craving a little Tex Mex, try Taste of Home's Queso Baked Nachos. This triple-layer nacho recipe contains a hefty amount of protein with the ground beef and refried beans so that game watchers will stay fuller, longer. This generously sized recipe fits perfectly in a 13 x 9-inch pan.

Finger foods are a great option to serve during the game as they're easy to hold and eat with one hand. Hot Ham & Cheese Sliders are crowd-pleasing buttery delights are easy to put together before the game, and you can bake just before serving. Pair with a vegetable tray to give your football fans a crunchy game day treat. 

Ham and cheese slider sandwiches with black seeds sitting on top of a plate

Round tray filled with raw vegetables: peppers, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and a container of dipping sauce on a table background.





Buffalo Chicken Dip is a popular Super Bowl snack. This tangy, creamy dip is the most popular Super Bowl snack in Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, New Jersey, the great state of Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin!

Buffalo chicken dip in a white bowl with accents of cheese and green onions. SMall pieces of toasted bread sit off to the side.

When salty snacks are the life of the party, staying hydrated is key. Offer your guests a selection of beverages. Adding a signature cocktail to your menu is a great option if you want to serve an alcoholic beverage but keep the preparations minimal. The old-fashioned Moscow Mule has gained popularity in recent years. Bottled beer, bottled water, and sodas are easy to keep chilled in a beverage tub or cooler.

Copper mugs featuring liquid and a lime wedge on the rim of the mug on a counter background.

What foods will you be serving for the 2020 Super Bowl? We'd love for you to share in the comments below. 

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Spring Cleaning: Range Edition

Image features light blue background with cleaning supplies across the bottom: yellow cleaning gloves, blue scrub brush, white vaccum nozel, green spray bottle, pink rag.

The weather is warming, birds are chirping, and flowers are beginning to bloom. It's a lovely time of year and a time in which many engage in Spring cleaning. Although it can be a lot of work, we think the reward of a squeaky clean home is worth it. 

Today's cleaning instructions will focus on cleaning your range. Cleaning ranges can be a labor intensive but well worth the effort as Consumer Reports estimates Americans use their ranges about five times per week. If you have a self-cleaning oven, we recommend cleaning the top of your range before running the self-cleaning cycle. Before starting the self-cleaning cycle, remove anything currently in your oven, such as your Range Kleen Non-Stick Oven Liner. To clean the top of your range, grab your Glass & Ceramic Range Kleening Kit by Range Kleen and follow the cleaning product instructions.

If you don't have a self-cleaning cycle, roll up your sleeves and grab these items: baking soda, vinegar in a spray bottle, a wet rag and a sponge.

Before cleaning, the oven should be cold to the touch. Remove the oven racks and soak in the kitchen sink in hot water with a 1/2 cup of vinegar. (If your oven racks don't fit in the kitchen sink you can soak them in the bathtub, be sure to place a towel underneath to avoid scratching your tub). If possible, allow soaking overnight.

While the oven racks are soaking, make a baking soda paste. Mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with water to form a paste. Spread the paste inside the oven on the base and along the walls, avoiding the heating elements. (Hint: It's normal for the paste to turn brown). Leave the paste to sit overnight.

Use a wet rag to wipe up as much of the paste as possible. Then use your Range Kleen Scrape and Kleen to scrape away any remaining paste residue. Then spritz any remaining paste with vinegar.

Wipe out the remaining vinegar and baking soda residue, then give the oven racks a light scrub with a scrubbing sponge, rinse with water and return to them to the oven. 

We hope you've enjoyed these instructions on cleaning your range. If you wish to make future clean-up easier, we suggest investing in a Range Kleen Non-Stick Oven Liner which is designed to catch food crumbs, spills and gooey drips (such as pie filling or melted cheese). In addition to being easy-to-clean, it's also reusable, and easy-to-trim with household scissors to customize the fit to your range.

Interior of oven with oven liner spread across the bottom of oven, underneath oven heating element.

Stay tuned for more cleaning tips and instructions from Range Kleen!


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Thanksgiving is Near! Let's Talk Turkey

At Range Kleen, we can hardly believe November is in full swing. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season have started. As Thanksgiving is fast approaching, we think it'd be a great time to talk about turkey.

Many Americans still prefer roasting a turkey in an oven. If you prefer oven roasted, check out this incredibly simple and delicious Thyme-Roasted Turkey from Taste of Home. With a 3 hour cooking time (plus additional time for standing) this is a quick method to cook a turkey. The smell of turkey wafting through the house will make everyone hungry! 

Cooked, golden brown turkey with cranberry accents sits on plate on table. Side dishes sit out of focus in the backgorund.

Some argue that a Spatchcocked Turkey cooks the most evenly throughout and has the crispiest skin. If you haven't heard of the term spatchcock, it's a term used to describe butterflying the turkey (removing the backbone) and then pressing it flat to cook. Serious Eats has a great recipe for Crisp-Skinned Spatchcocked Turkey, and you can use your favorite Range Kleen Broiler Pan (which is built to withstand high temperatures and is easy to clean). 

Cooked, spatchcocked turkey sits on dinner plate in butterfly position on top of a table. . Herbal leaves top the turkey.


If your favorite method of preparation is smoking the turkey, check out The Food Network's Smoked Whole Turkey by Bobby Flay. Although smoking a turkey takes considerably longer than roasting, the rich, smoky flavor can't be topped. As the turkey will be in a smoker, your oven will be free to bake delicious side dishes and pies. Although not a traditional method of preparation, you can also grill your Thanksgiving Turkey. Dark brown turkey sits on grill racks on gas grill.
Deep Fried Turkey is a popular method of cooking and is arguably the most dangerous, making safety a priority when deep frying a turkey. Check out these safety tips; as well as instructions from Serious Eats on the process of deep frying. 
Half of deep fried turkey is pulled out of steel fryer vat in an outdoor setting.
Which method of preparation will you choose? We'd love for you to share your results on social media! Tag us (@RangeKleen) in your Thanksgiving post and let us know how you cooked your turkey! 
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Back to School!

Notebooks, pencils and other school supplies on grey background with white text Back to School
At Range Kleen Mfg., we can hardly believe it's time to head back to school. This exciting time can also be stressful. To keep the back-to-school stress minimal, prepare as much as possible before the year begins.

School supply shopping is often the first to-do to tackle. Once armed with your list, hit a local retail store to check off those items. Some of the most popular school supplies are #2 pencils, notebook paper, highlighters, and pens. Don't forget to grab a backpack and a lunch box while you're out. To fill that lunch box, you'll want a Range Kleen GoGo Yogurt Parfait Container, which keeps yogurt and favorite toppings separated. Vanilla yogurt with farm fresh blueberries and crunchy granola is my favorite combination. What's yours? 
White background features image of clear yougurt container with clear dome lid with "GoGo" packaging inside of container.
In addition to yogurt, these containers are also great for holding quinoa, pasta salad and more. If you're looking to keep items warm such as chicken nuggets, stir fry, scrambled eggs, soup, stew, or chili, the Range Kleen 10 Ounce Insulated Food Jars are perfect! The bright colors  (Berry Blue, Cherry Red, and Leafy Green) are inviting for any lunch box. They're microwave safe, dishwasher safe and contain no glass (safe for children to use!). 
Lime green, round, small food container with lid on white background.Robust red round, small food container with lid on white background.Light blue round, small food container with lid on white background.
To function at an optimal level, it's important to stay hydrated. The CDC recommends adequate water intake to prevent dehydration which can cause unclear thinking, irritability, constipation, kidney stones and can ultimately cause your body to overheat. It's best to consume water throughout the day, which is easy to do when you have the Range Kleen Go Caddy, a compact tote designed to keep your hands free while toting your favorite water bottle and other small items such as dorm room or locker keys, identification, sunglasses, etc. The Go Caddy is ideal for gym class,  campus activities, biking, walking, etc.
Black bag carrying clear plastic water bottle features pockets and long strap. Items surrounding the bag and bottle include passport, credit cards, hand wipes, holder for dog poop bags and more.
Wishing students, teachers, and parents a successful 2018-2019 school year! 
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Celebrate the 4th of July with Flair

The heat from Summer feels oppressive and mosquitoes are everywhere, which means it's almost time to celebrate the 4th of July. Grab your favorite side dish and brush up on the lyrics to Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful is ready to party!

American flags hang from the front of houses. Trees and shrubs surround a clear sidewalk on a sunny day.

Make this Independence Day celebration a memorable occasion by kicking it off with dessert first. When using our beautiful Ceramabake Bakeware, you'll be able to serve straight from the bakeware, saving time on clean up! You'll love this Sour Cream Flag Cake recipe by Ina Garten. 

A cake topped with white icing, strawberries and blueberries is patterened to resemble the American flag. The cake sits on a plate with a red checkered background, on top of a table.

Sugar cookies with Royal Icing are always a hit. For a pinch of patriotic flair, add red, white and blue sprinkles. The colors will really pop against your Ceramabake Bakeware

Star shaped cookies feature red and blue frosting as well as red, white and blue round sprinkles generously applied.

Two-Berry Fluff Salad from Taste of Home can double as a side dish or a dessert! 

A hand holds onto a hand mixer while holding a bowl of whipped cream. There is a bowl of confectioners sugar with a strainer and a bowl of assorted berries on the white countertop.

Everyone looks forward to the food on the 4th of July, especially those delicious entrees! If you're planning on a picnic consider taking Picnic Fried Chicken, one of America's favorite past-time picnic entrees. 

Image features girl biting into a piece of corn on the cob. The plate sitting in front of her features fried chicken, mashed potatoes and baked beans. The table is covered with a red and white checkered cloth in an outdoor setting.

The wafting scents of smoke and barbeque sauce will entice everyone to gather 'round the grill to chat while you perfect these Prize-Winning Baby Back Ribs. They're sure to impress the barbeque connoisseurs at your celebration.

Juicy, individual smoked ribs sit on a wooden cutting board.

And since you've already fired up the grill, the kids will love an All-American Grilled Chicago Dog

Grilled hotdog inside of a bun on a white background features lettuce, tomato and mustard drizzled across the top.

If you think BBQ is just for meat lovers, think again! You won't even miss the meat in these Emilie Eats Easy Vegan BBQ Jack Fruit Sandwiches. She even describes Jackfruit as "deceptively resembles pulled pork in texture". I

Pulled pork sandwich with a generous heap of coleslaw in a bun.

Side-dishes are something that everyone can agree on, so don't forget them! Add a large batch of picnic mac and cheese to your plate for a few mouthfuls of creamy, cheesy goodness. 

It's not a picnic without Baked Beans. These Sugar & Soul Dr. Pepper Baked Beans are practically a national treasure, and we're sure the whole gang will love them.

A vintage pottery pot with lid filled with baked beans sit on a table.

Lemony Almond-Feta Green Beans from Taste of Home will add a bit of tang and will help you reach your vegetable goal for the day! It may be a holiday but there's no need to slack on getting those veggies in when they're crisp and delicious. 

A bowl of fresh green beans topped with nuts on a table background.

With the hot weather, you'll want to have an assortment of cold drinks available for everyone to drink. For something red, white and blue that's spirit based might we suggest Boozy Red, White and Blue Slushies from Wide Open Eats? The kids will love a similar alcohol free version from Genius Kitchen. 

Glass mason jar mugs with handles feature a frozen drink with red, white and blue layers on a patriotic background.

If you're looking for cute 4th of July printables, head on over to The Crafted Sparrow for some festive decorations!

Wishing you a safe and Happy Independence Day from everyone at Range Kleen!

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